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Official Grooming Report
Report Date: 23-03-2019
Packed Trail Base (cm): 20
New Snow (72 hrs): 0
Grooming: Atna, Beaver, Clearwater, Jackrabbit Kitlope, Moose, Rainbow, Snowbound Dog_Run
Recommended Wax:
Comments: Its getting pretty thin on all runs listed except the Dog which is still holding up pretty good...there is puddles and some dirt in places but not bad overall...it was starting to freeze when I left.

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Hi Everyone! So much has happened in the last month that it’s hard to know where to start! There’s snow on the mountains but sadly, not on the trails so everyone keep thinking snow!

The parking lot expansion is finished and ready for use! Thanks to Anthony Vandermuellen for his always expert work.

The lighting work and pruning on the Troll Trail is done and it remains only to make some trolls to hide in the trees! We feel that the kids would like to get into this so if you have a creative Jack Rabbit, (Bunnies are a bit young to handle the scope of this project) then contact Karen and Travis Carter—the date and time are Dec. 9th at 5pm at Creative Zone. There is room for 15 kids, and a few adults to help supervise would be great too. Contact the Carters if you and/or your kids can take part.

We had a great turn out for the AGM where we passed the new By Laws and Policy Manual. The Policy Manual will be posted on the web site shortly and the By Laws filed along with the Constitution under the New Societies Act. Many thanks to Gwen Sewell for her hundred + hours of reducing a pile of disconnected paper into about 50 pages of usable material, and then to Cathy Vandenberg for a dozen or so hours to reduce it down again to 17 pages specific to us. And more thanks to Cathy V. and Sue Bergstrom for rejuvenating our By Laws before they were filed on line. That took another 10 hours from Cathy and a couple more from Sue and me. Wow!

Remember I said we’re always looking for more people to get involved? Well a huge thanks to Sonja Perih and Ian Gordon for offering to join our board! Welcome!

Jack Rabbits ski gear rental day is approaching. Parents will be emailed.

We are looking for coaching assistants. Training is provided. If you can help contact Travis. 

The winners of the 1st Early Bird Draw (Nov. 15) are:  Handwoven wool blanket:  Sandra Johnstone. Free ski pass (2019-2020 season):  Lynne Eastman. Congratulations ladies! The final draw is Dec. 3rd. Get your Earlybird pass and your name in the hat. Regular membership prices are in effect after Dec. 1st.

Dean Bergstrom (head groomer) has been doing many projects in and around the garage. His friend Doug Gent (who isn’t a skier) has been helping him a tremendous amount. So we’d like to say thank you to Doug for helping Dean with the following: fixing up the trailer, then making skies for it for winter use; rigging the exhaust fan for the garage so groomers don’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning when the Snow Kitti engine is running; building the water dam to improve drainage in the garage; and there’s probably much more. You’re a star, Doug!

That’s about it for this edition of the NEWS. All we really need of course is snow!

Think snow, everyone!

Liz Thorne (da Prez, SVNSC