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Official Grooming Report
Report Date: 23-03-2019
Packed Trail Base (cm): 20
New Snow (72 hrs): 0
Grooming: Atna, Beaver, Clearwater, Jackrabbit Kitlope, Moose, Rainbow, Snowbound Dog_Run
Recommended Wax:
Comments: Its getting pretty thin on all runs listed except the Dog which is still holding up pretty good...there is puddles and some dirt in places but not bad overall...it was starting to freeze when I left.

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Happy New Year, skiers! We’ve finally got the snow we’ve all been dreaming of so let’s all get out and enjoy it!

First off: We have a record 412 members! Welcome to all the newcomers! It’s wonderful to see so many new faces on the trails. Feel free to come into the lodge – make yourself some hot chocolate or tea and enjoy the fire. (Light one if it’s not already burning). The water key is kept in the drawer to the left of the stove. Lock the tap when you are leaving the lodge.

If you are a new skier: Think about coming out for a lesson on Saturday mornings, 10:30 a.m. (only on the following dates: Jan. 19; Feb. 2, 9, 16; and March 2, 9). These lessons are free for members, $10 for non-members.

This is for safety reasons as much as anything. We’ll teach you how to handle the hills and get the most out of your time on the trails. In the meantime – Please – when you come to a hillstep out of the tracks – injuries happen most often when skiers stay in the tracks on hills (this is an expert skill that’s only fun if you have excellent balance and are completely relaxed). Always carry a phone (we have pretty good reception in most places) and carry extra clothing in case of injury and you have to sit on the snow and wait for help to arrive.

For day pass users: We have a new date stamp machine at the ticket booth. Please insert your pass to get the date stamped on – make sure it goes in far enough. Cool little gadget! And wear your pass so it can be seen and checked. Remember to buy it before you go for your ski!

Two other things for everyone to remember:

1. Wear your ski pass! This is essential. We know there are a number of people who come out and don’t pay. Given the number of volunteer hours and member-paid dollars that go into running this Club, skiing for free is unconscionable. Pass checkers with reflector vests will be checking passes. and they speak for the Club. You can avoid being checked if your pass is visible. Day pass users, we’ll be checking the date on your pass. (see above re: ticket stamp machine)

2. If you have a problem with an aggressive dog on the Doggy Trail, and want to complain about it, the executive needs to know the name of the owner. If you can’t provide that, a picture of the dog would help.

And speaking of dogs – coming soon to a dog trail near you…look for the bright red waste cans on the Doggy Trail. The Doggie bags are in the black mail box on the tree to the left of the entrance to the trail. Please use them.

I’m thrilled to say that we have 79 kids signed up for Jack Rabbits this year! We had to wait list 11 due to lack of coaches, but then we put out a call for help and 6 people stepped up to take the online Introduction to Community Coaching course and voila! Lots of happy kids! Many thanks to the new coaches and also those who have been with us for so many years. So don’t forget to thank your child’s coach! Since some coaches might be moving on next year as their children have aged out of the program, we can always use more people to help out. Newcomer coaches are paired with experienced coaches for the first year or two.

Races! Every year Snow Valley hosts two races – the Snow Valley Open is on Jan. 26 this year, and the Moose Marathon is on Feb. 23. These are very relaxed races – everyone wins a chocolate bar. They’re designed for kids to learn what a race is like, but not to put a lot of pressure on them to win unless they really want to. Races are open to adults so you can all start training now – you have two weeks – GO! Rabbits are already signed up, adults must register by emailing Travis.

Alternately, adults can volunteer to help out with set up, take down, timing, registration, course controllers, race bib collectors, chocolate bar distributers, parking lot attendants, and kitchen workers. Email Travis if you can help.

Kids arrive at the usual time for Rabbits, coaches do warm up games. Race starts at 11 am and we’re done by 1:00 pm. The SVO is an individual timed start so it takes a while to get everyone off and running but the kids finish quite quickly because their distances are short. Adults go last and ski about 6 km. Parents are responsible for their children after they finish the race.

Everyone: plan to ski the race course in the afternoon. We have gorgeous racing trails and they don’t get perfect grooming very often. It’s a chance not to be missed! Warning – lots of hills!

Volunteers needed: Pass checkers – mostly on weekends, and mostly on the Dog but where ever you want to ski is fine. Contact me for details. Executive members are getting stretched quite thin – we could use a hand.

The Women’s Fest might still happen. We’ll send out notice once we’ve figured out whether it’s a “go” this year.

And finally, plans are underway for a new rental shop. Stay tuned for more info.


think snow, everyone!

Liz Thorne (da Prez, SVNSC