Maps & Trail Information

The Onion Lake Ski Trails have over 35km of groomed trails, including 5 km of lit trails for night skiing. The trail system has been built to suit a variety of skill levels and still provide easy access to many small lakes and spectacular views of the valley.

All trails start and finish in the stadium. A warming hut, parking and toilets are available next to the stadium free of charge for season pass holder and day users. Day users can purchase day passes from the ticket booth located at the trail head.

The Moose Hut is also available to members for day and overnight use. Overnight use must booked in advance by emailing Duncan.  Moose Hut rules are here.

Night skiing is available every night after dark. To turn on the trail lights, press the big red button on the west side of the ticket booth. The lights will stay on for a two hour period each time the button is pressed.


Trail Etiquette:

Ski in indicated direction
Don't obstruct the trail
Descending skiers have the right of way
Yield to faster skiers
Pack out all your garbage
Dogs allowed only on the specified "Doggy Trail"
Don't walk on the track or in the middle of the path--keep to the outer edges
Move out of the way when stopped
Keep your season's pass or your day pass visible while on the trails


Atna 0.30
Beaver 3.20
Clearwater 4.40
Devil's Elbow 0.70
Eagle's Way 0.80
Foxtrot 0.40
Grizzly Way 0.20
Hardscrabble 0.10
Icy Way 0.20
Jack Rabbit 1.20
Juniper 0.30
Kitlope Crossing 0.40
Lone Wolf 1.60
Moose Highway 13.20
Onion 0.20
Rainbow 0.60
Snowbound 0.30
Troll 0.70
Long Doggy 7.0
Short Doggy 3.5

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onionlaketrailsmap onionlaketrailsmap
dogtrailmap_2017 dogtrailmap_2017


Maps of the Doggie Trail:

High Quality - 8.6 MB

Medium Quality - 2.6 MB

Low Quality - 0.6 MB