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Fall 2022 update

Hi everyone!

Another FAST summer and guess what happens now? We start to get ready for the ski season, even if we are harvesting squash and hiking, and haven't got our hats and mitts out of storage! Just a few tidbits of information and then you can get back to your activities for this evening.

First, September 30th is the last day for the KAL Tire discount, redeemable at the Terrace Kal Tire. When you do purchase your winter tires, thank them for their generous sponsorship of the JackRabbits program and growing this "sport for life"!

We're already getting questions about memberships and the Jack Rabbit program for kids. The membership forms will be available soon, in the next week or so. We are trying to get the kids' program registration ready as well, but have been looking for a few volunteers. We've successfully found a Jack Rabbit program coordinator for the season, but we still need a coaching coordinator. If you are a coach and can help organize the coaches (meetings, emails, plan training events), we need you! Can you give us one ski season of your time? The job description is well documented and you are promised a capable mentor who can help out. Email Lisa through SVNSC.


Saturday, October 15

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Jobs: Firewood (splitting, stacking), trail pruning (clearing 6' radius around ALL the lightpoles for light maintenance work this fall), general cleanup and burn pile, and lodge cleaning (windows, walls, cupboards, etc.). Also need some cooks (2 pots of soup please) and bread makers, to provide wholesome nourishment for the volunteers. Email Cathy if you can help with the food.


Friday, October 28 7:30 p.m. in the lodge

Mark you calendars. We promise good cookies, plus lots of engaging discussions about the club and trails, and a chance to meet your winter friends once again!

See you all soon. Start your stretching and strengthening routines in these fall months!

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