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The Moose Hut is a rustic cabin that cozily sleeps 6 and is heated by a user-maintained wood stove. The hut is easily accessed via a one-hour ski from the parking lot. Bookings are reserved for Members only however non-members are welcome to join. All overnight hut attendees who are not members are reminded to purchase TWO tickets to cover both days of skiing on the trails.
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Moose Hut Info and Rules

To keep the cabin in the best shape for your use and the guests after you
leave, please follow the following rules:

1. Keep the Moose Hut clean and pack out all garbage. Sweep floors
and remove snow as needed. Close doors and windows in order to
keep out rodents, birds and bugs.

2. Use the wood stove as needed, but conserve firewood. Leave
kindling and firewood inside for the next user.

3. It is recommended to bring one or more additional battery-powered
lanterns or headlamps to supplement the light from the battery-powered Coleman lantern that lives at the hut.

4. There is a battery lantern attached to the wall in the outhouse. 
Pushing it activates the light for a few minutes.

5. Only club members can book the Moose Hut for overnight stays.
Please limit your number of nights of stay to allow others to use the

6. Non-members may use the cabin only if accompanied by a member.

7. Non-members must pay for applicable Daily Trail Use Fees (2 days),
paid at the lodge before you ski-out to the Moose Hut.

8. Day users have equal priority with overnight users for daytime use
and shelter.

9. Day use is by any skier, please share and/or move along to let others
use the facility. Your assistance is requested in monitoring and
sharing the facility.

Enjoy your stay, and don’t forget to sign the guest book!

The Moose Hut Provides:

 Woodstove and firewood
 2 burner Coleman propane stove – bring your own propane
 Coleman LED lantern (8 D cell batteries – may be required)
 Pots / pans / utensils

 Washbasin/dish soap
 Tea towel/washing cloth
 Outhouse
 First Aid Kit
 Fire Extinguisher
 Sleeping mats (bring your own sleeping bags)

The Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club at the Onion Lake Ski Trails

The Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club is a non-profit organization for cross-country skiing enthusiasts. The Club is located at the Onion Lake Ski Trails between Terrace and Kitimat, British Columbia on Highway 37. The club is run entirely by volunteers and through the support of people like you, local governments and local businesses.

Enjoy 35km of Groomed Classic and Skate Skiing 24 hours per day!*

*Rentals, Lessons, and Trail maintenance may not operate if severe inclement weather prevails. Our parking lot is cleared after major streets have been cleared. Please check Facebook and the Weather Conditions prior to your journey. Always tell someone where you are going, ski with a friend, and please enjoy our trails responsibly at your own risk.

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