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The Moose Hut

Moose Hut Info
The Moose Hut is a rustic cabin that cozily sleeps 6 and is heated by a user-maintained wood stove.

The hut is easily accessed via a one-hour ski from the parking lot.

Bookings open December 1st each winter.
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The Moose Hut rocks!  The club welcomes overnight guests to get away from the world for a bit, and enjoy the amenities (albeit a bit rustic) of this special place.  The Moose Hut policy is new, so all aspiring guests should give it a read before contacting the Club to book an overnight stay.

It's all about knowing what you need to bring and how often you should sweep the place and how to conserve firewood and leave the place for the next person. 
Rule #1:  Don't melt yellow snow for drinking water.  The rest of the rules are in the document.

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