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Welcome to the Snow Valley Nordic Blog!


Hi everyone, We’ve certainly had some great skiing in the last few weeks! Sorry this didn’t happen in January, but it’s sure happening now, so please get out there and enjoy the trails, if you haven’t been out there lately. We have over a meter of packed snow almost everywhere; this is good news for spring skiing. The life of a skier in the spring could be this: garden in the morning, ski in the afternoon, and go hiking or kayaking in the evening as the days are getting longer! Who can’t love this? We are still selling half-season memberships at a very good price, if you aren’t a member but still want to get on board to get lots of skiing in over the next month or so. The Jack Rabbits program finished on Saturday, with end-of-lessons activities for all the age groups. The coaches did an amazing job this season, working with the sometimes challenging weather (and sometimes the challenging puddles) to keep the kids on skis, learning, and having fun. The rental shed hours are coming to an end. This weekend the shed will be open Saturday and Sunday, 1-4 p.m. After Sunday, March 19, the rental shed will be closed. We are short of volunteers in this important club outreach, so think about volunteering for next season when you sign up to ski. We’ve had an assortment of school groups (including the Spirit North kids), kids’ groups, and adult groups enjoying the trails this season. Thank you to the groomers and rental shed volunteers and the instructors and coaches who have helped to get these groups on skis! This is a crucial piece of introducing people to the sport and our trails, and a volunteer opportunity if you have time (next season) on weekdays.

St. Paddy’s Day Cookie and Poker Ski on Sunday, March 19

Looking for a social event and a ski event and a cookie event all in the same day? Put on your greenest ski clothes, and join us for a St. Patrick’s Day tour of the Beaver and Clearwater trails, eat some cookies at various stations, and accumulate playing cards to compete for the best poker hand. One of the cookie stations will be at the new shelter that overlooks Onion Lake—come check it out! Registration starts at 1:00 p.m. $5 per person (proceeds going to Moose Hut maintenance project and troll-making for the Troll Trail) (people without season’s passes will have to pay regular day use fees as well) Prizes: —best/most green costume (booklet of 10 ski pass tickets) and child prizes for best dressed too! —best poker hand (free membership next season), prizes for 2nd and 3rd place as well —other random draws for all in attendance

Can you help us run this event? We need volunteers (10 people at the 5 cookie stations, 2-3 people in the kitchen at the lodge, 2 people at the registration table, and 2 poker hand adjudicators). Contact Cathy if you can volunteer on Sunday. We also need lots of cookies, about 1000 of them! Contact Pat if you can bake some cookies, OR drop off at Kim’s (4116 Benner St., Terrace) or Pat’s (37 Duncan St., Kitimat)

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Classic technique; mass starts by age category. Please read race notice attached. All registrations and volunteer sign up: email Travis This is a fun and laid-back event; please consider joining us to challenge yourself on the 7.5 km course (all the inside trails!) or the less technical recreational course (go fast or go slow, it’s up to you!). All participants get a chocolate bar at the finish line, and a free bowl of soup! (All Jack Rabbits kids are pre-registered.)

Message from Travis, Chief of Race:

Hi folks, looking to recruit volunteers for race day on Saturday Jan 28th for this year’s Snow Valley Open. Some jobs are in the stadium, some are out on the course, some start before the race some during and some after. Some jobs even happen the day before in the set up of the race course and the stadium start and finish zones. So if you feel you can help out please let me know as soon as you can and I can place you somewhere that I hope you will enjoy. Pre race jobs: Course set up and Stadium set up Usually happen on the day before race day (Friday the 27th) or the morning before the race. Race jobs: Registration and bib hand out. 9:30 to 10:30 at the lodge to hand out bibs and organize racer info. Starter/ finish controller for Atoms race on the troll trail. 10:15 till 11 in the stadium Start line for all other racers. 10:15 till about 11:30 On course controllers 10:30 till race finish (usually 12:30 at the latest) Finish line controller 10:30 till race finish. Plunging finish times or writing down bib numbers, collecting bibs handing out choco bars, running race sheets etc. Clean up after race 12:30 or so till complete. So anyhow there are many jobs that need doing and more smaller jobs than just those listed are available. If you can help in any way, email me and I will set you up with a position so we can make this a fun event for all. Thank you very much Travis Carter Chief of Race

Snowflake Cafe will be serving out soup and buns and goodies in an outdoor concession. $3 for soup and a bun, $1-ish for goodies. Of course, we need people to help with the food preparation (soup and sweets), serving, and washing dishes. Email Lisa if you can make a pot of soup or a batch of ccokies, or help out on race day.

McBike & Sport from Smithers will be on site as well, with an assortment of Nordic gear, equipment, clothing, wax, etc., and lots of good advice about gear, for every level of skier! Click here for poster if you don’t see it below.

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Friendly Reminder - Doggy Code of Conduct at Onion Lake Ski Trails This is a list of reminders for all of you who love to ski with your canine buddy.

This is very important: The Long and Short Dog Trails are firstly skiing trails. They are designed and groomed for skiers: classic skiers, skate skiers, young skiers, and not-so-young skiers; beginner skiers and the advanced skier who just wants a nice day out. As they are some of our easiest trails, they are often used by first time skiers, older skiers, families, and for lessons. As an added benefit, and privilege, you can ski here with your dog!! This comes with some added responsibilities as a skier…. Please, everyone, read the rest of the document here.

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