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Snowshoeing Onion Lake

Snowshoeing at the Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club 2022/2023 Winter Season!
We offer about 5 km of wilderness snowshoe trail.  Sorry, no dogs allowed!  The loop is a total of 5+ km, with many cross over trails to access shorter versions for your adventure (Map below).  New to the 2022/23 season is a day shelter with a wood stove at the Onion Lake viewpoint.  Both skiers and snowshoers can access this shelter for rest, warmth, and a social gathering.
Snowshoe passes are available in the ticket booth at the front gate entrance. Snowshoe tickets are $5 per person.
Snowshoe rentals are available on weekends when the rental shed is open:  Saturdays 10-4, Sundays 11-4.
Trails are not patrolled so take responsibility for your own safety:
- Register your trip with a friend
- Never use the trails alone
- Snowshoe in the direction indicated by the signs
- Ensure that you are properly clothed and equipped due to the potential of rapid changes in weather conditions
- Keep your distance from the lake as the ice might be weak
- Watch for trail grooming equipment
- This trail is also used by fatbike athletes.  Share the trail!
Use trail at your own risk!

For all emergencies call 911.

RULES DURING WINTER SEASON (First snow to April 30)
This trail only permits Snowshoes and Fatbikes.
- No skiing, dogs, or recreational snowmobiles on this trail
- No tree cutting

- Stay on the right side of the trail
- Give way to descending bikers
- Move out of the way when stopping
- Call out when you wish to pass another trail user
- Pack out all garbage
- Respect and care for the environment
Snowshoe and Fatbike Trail (Final).jpg
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