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Volunteer with the Club

Volunteers:  we are all volunteers. From the people who operate the groomer to the ones who fill the ticket booth with day passes, everything is done by volunteer effort. There is no free-skiing for us and nobody collects a paycheck. We are all here because we love the sport, we love nature, and above all, we love that cross country skiing connects families, friends and communities for such a small upfront investment! 
Running the club is a huge operation--the executive deserves recognition for what it does, in maintaining and operating buildings and machines, planning and organizing events, etc.  But every job, every event, is successful only because people step forward and give one hour or four hours or twenty hours to get things done. 
Do you like to bake?  Our Open House or Women's Fest could use your talents. 
Do you like to organize things?  We could use you in the parking lot at our big events, directing traffic and squeezing cars together. 
Do you like to work with kids?  We could use more coaches, and we provide all the training.
If you are interested in catching outlaws, well, we don't really have outlaws, but we could use people to do pass checks on the trails. 

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If you're at the lodge and nobody's cleaned off the steps to the outhouses, grab a shovel and make the steps safe.  If you've used the wood stove in the lodge, fill the wood box/shelf for the next person. If you see garbage laying around, even if it wasn't yours, pick it up and please help us keep our lodge looking its best at all times!
The Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club is a volunteer-run cooperative effort and every helping hand counts.
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