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Adult lessons, some requests, some reminders Jan. 5/2023

Hey Skiers! Have you been out on the trails yet this season? We are full-on open, and lots of people have been working to get the season off to a great start. Thank you to the groomers, the rental shed volunteers, the coaches, the club directors, and the volunteers who have been shoveling snow and bringing in firewood!

ADULT LESSONS: every Saturday at 1 p.m. We have a dedicated group of certified instructors who can get you to the next level in your ski ability, for both classic and skate techniques, whether you are a raw beginner, or hate going up or down hills, or you have some skills but want to tweak a skill to make skiing more efficient or faster. We need to know how many skiers will be taking lessons each Saturday, so email Cathy to book a space. Indicate your ski level (beginner, intermediate) and the technique you want to learn (classic or skate). The cost of a lesson is $20, and is usually 1.5 - 2 hours in length. If you are not a member, be prepared to pay day fees as well, and if you need rental gear, come early enough to get that sorted out so we are ready for a 1 p.m. start. Meet at the lesson sign near the rental shed.

And a request. Well, actually two requests.

  1. Photos. If you have some good photos of the club, volunteers, facilities, skiers, etc., please share them so we can use them in the newsletters and group emails, etc. We are missing two key photographers this year: Jim Thorne has been taking photos at the club for decades, but he has moved to the Island; and the couple taking photos and sharing them on Facebook for the last few seasons has also moved. Cross Country BC (our provincial organization) is always asking for photos from the clubs for their annual publication as well. Let’s send them some great shots of our wonderful trails and dynamic club members!

  2. I would like to compile a document entitled “How to have a good ski season at Onion Lake Ski Trails,” or something to that effect. If you could send me your tips about waxing/not waxing, skiing in the rain, skiing with kids, social events, etc.—all the things that one needs to have a successful ski season at our facility and the reality of our winters—please send them to me (Cathy), and I’ll get it distributed for our entertainment and motivation!

A few reminders: —Snowshoeing only on the snowshoe trail. Do not snowshoe on the groomed ski trails. Do not ski on the snowshoe trail. Dogs on the Doggy Trail only. If you ski with a dog on the Doggy Trail, keep to the direction indicated by the signs. —If you need to walk on the trails (hills too steep, or broken gear), stay on the outer edges of the trails, off of the classic tracks and definitely away from the middle of the trail where the skate skiers ski. Walking on groomed trails can make the trails dangerous for skiers. —There are trail maps in the lodge (above the microwave near the kitchen) and there are trail maps on our website. —The best beginner trails are the Doggy Trail, the Troll Trail, and the 0.5 km loop (follow the green dot signs that start at the rental shed). All other trails would be considered intermediate level trails, and involve navigating hills. (If going up and down hills is your nemesis/struggle, see “adult lessons” opportunities above! :)

See you on the trails!

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