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February 2021 Newsletter

Hey skiers!

This is how Liz's newsletter begins:

Hello Everyone! What an amazing year we are having! Nice dry, squeaky snow and almost daily grooming....

And then it continues:

...This is what I so love about this Club.....Thank you so much....waxing skis for $10 a pair to contribute to the fund on Saturday, February 20......We have 6 instructors on hand, and they will be instructing 3 different lessons....Ski-a-thon Marathon! It will be held Feb. 27 and 28, with no mass start or official timing. Go to the link....we’ll be selling Stroopwafels......And remember to put the lid down when you came to skiing and how we can keep you involved after this very unusual year....please email us as soon as possible so we can figure out how and why it happened....A big thank you to.....It’s a great deal... ...Think Snow, Everyone!

You will have to click on this newsletter link to read the whole thing! (And it's so totally worth it.)

And the pledge sheet and info sheet for the Skiathon/Marathon on Feb. 27-28 is here.

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