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March Newsletter, Online Auction, Skiathon Report

Hi everyone!

Our newest ski club member signed up on March 15. And he's going to get his money's worth with the time that is left! How about all the rest of you ski club members? If you haven't been skiing much this year, do not despair, just grab your skis and get out there! The snow pack at the trails is quite deep and we will be skiing happily for weeks to come. New plan: work, ski, and bike, all in one day! Next day: some gardening, go for a hike, then ski!

This news update has three purposes:

1. To bring you news of the club in the March Newsletter. (Liz writes the BEST newsletters of any ski club!)

2. To bring you the final report on the Skiathon from February 27-28. An amazing event. A few photos included.

3. To bring you news and links for the online auction that the club is holding to raise money towards the purchase of new rental gear.

Please fulfill our deepest desires and read ALL THREE news bites.



The newsletter starts with the weather and the exceptional ski conditions. Then it moves into the realm of fundraising, for our grooming machines and for ski gear for the rental shed. (Many thanks to so many generous donors and the skiers who sought out pledges for up to 60 km!) The online auction is mentioned and more details will be in #3 below. Rental shed hours are listed until its last day: March 28. Summer....decks....lost and found....need more JackRabbits coaches...think snow (did she really say that?)

Of course you want to read the whole thing: READ THE NEWSLETTER HERE

#2 SKIATHON February 27-28, 2021

All the details and the prize winners and donors and sponsors can be found on the skiathon document below. The pledges and donations brought in over $12,000 towards the purchase of the new tracked quad. These are the businesses who either donated prizes for the event or gave the club money for the quad. When you visit these businesses, give them a hi-five from the ski club! Sherwood Brewhouse

Wild Bike

All Star Shoes


McBike & Sport (Smithers)

Fountain Tire

Cedar Coast Dental

Johan Laing Medical

Dr. Olivier Drouin Inc.

A&J Roofing


The Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club is organizing an online auction through Facebook to raise money for the much needed new ski rental equipment and we would love your participation!!

This is an exciting opportunity to either donate artwork, services, or other goods to help support our club, and/or bid on your favourite auction items. If you’re wondering what you could donate -- let your imagination run wild! It could be creative work, a gift certificate, baking, garden work, a hair cut, that sweater you ordered that doesn’t fit and you haven’t sent back yet, you name it! New items only please.

The auction will run online April 10-23 Bids will be accepted until 11:59pm on April 23rd.

You can donate by sending a photo, brief description and value of the item through Messenger to Pat Lamb Mouland or through our auction email at

The link to the online Auction Facebook Group will be shared on the Onion Lake Ski Trails Facebook group and through this website on April 10th.

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