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Membership available! Early bird rates until Dec. 1st at midnight. And more news....

Hi everyone! What an amazing fall we are having! Preparing for an amazing ski season, right?

Am "keeping it real"--the news and topics below are going to be brief and worth a minute of your time to scan or read.



Or print off a paper copy to mail in:

(Scroll down to "season memberships" section.)

Early bird rates until Dec. 1st at midnight. Lots of early bird draw prizes!

Work Party this Saturday, October 15, 10am - 3pm

Plan: pruning around lightposts, wood splitting and stacking, and lodge cleaning.

Lunch is provided. Bring snacks to share.

AGM on Friday, October 28, 7:30 p.m. in the lodge at Onion Lake Ski Trails

Hoodies and t-shirts with club logo

Available until October 17

We are still in search of a Jack Rabbit coaching coordinator.

Those of you who have signed up for memberships have noticed that we cannot start signing up kids for the Jack Rabbits until we get this crucial position filled. Thank you Dara for stepping into the other JackRabbits position, as program coordinator!

Ski Swap November 4/5

Sponsored by Shames Mountain/Canadian Ski Patrol

Two things:

1. If you are a photographer (and who isn't, with these amazing phones?) and can share your best images with us, please do! Always looking for new pictures for newsletters. Also, the Cross Country BC magazine needs to see photos of our northern clubs, so save your best shots and pass them on.

2. The executive is looking for a used filing cabinet for storage of club files. If you have one you can donate, contact Cathy.

Thanks go out to Brenda Jackson for her donation of cedar boards so Doug can continue his facilities projects!

That's it! We'll see you next at the work party, or the AGM, or in a few months taking in the beautiful trails at Onion Lake!

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