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update on trails and rental shed at Onion Lake

Merry Christmas, ski friends! If you are watching the BC Highway Cam at Onion Lake, you will see the we’ve received a heap of snow on the trails as a Christmas bonus! We’ve gone from 7 cm of snow on the ground to 75 cm, in less than two days. The groomers will be packing the snow on the trails as soon as they can get out there. As of this morning, the parking lot has not been ploughed. Lots of shoveling to be done around the lodge and outhouses and rental shed, if anyone is looking for exercise! Please wait for confirmation that the trails are ready for skiers before you head out there for a ski.

Rental Shed: Due to the present snow and highway conditions, and the lack of volunteers signed up for rental shifts, we are postponing our opening day until Friday, Dec. 30. Hours this coming weekend: Friday Dec. 30 1-4 Saturday Dec. 31 10-4 Sunday Jan. 1 11-4 Monday, Jan. 2 1-4

If you are into night skiing, we advise you to bring a headlamp. The lit trails have several lights that are presently out, and we are working on getting them working as soon as possible.

Remember that a ski pass (either a laminated member pass or a purchased day pass) must be worn (and visible) when you are skiing on the trails. We have volunteers who will be skiing around checking for passes.

PLEASE be attentive to the places that we can update you on grooming and ski conditions:

Nordic Pulse (download the free app)

Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club website (look under trail conditions)

See you on the trails, soon!

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